Commissions and Sizing

Much of the jewellery shown on our pages is made to order, including all rings and bangles, except those where the size is specified. 

Each jeweller works at a different rate, those who can usually deliver quickly ‘add to cart’ is shown.  If your order is paid for online we will contact you shortly after to let you know when to expect delivery.

For jewellers who may take a little more time or need more details  ‘add to cart’ is not shown, so please contact us for more details.

Please also contact us also to discuss any special requests.

Ring Sizing

If you do not know your ring size the best way to ensure the correct size is to ask a local jeweller to measure your finger. If that isn’t possible we can supply a card ring sizer at your request.

Bangle Sizing

If you have a bangle that fits comfortably you may measure, in millimeters (mm), the inside diameter of that bangle to find your size.

To find your measurement, place your tape across the middle of the circle and measure from one side to the other, inside the thickness of your bangle.  Measurements are usually between 60-70mm.

Please be sure to measure the hand you’d like the bangle to fit as each hand may be slightly different or less flexible.

Otherwise it’s possible to measure your fist, as the bangle will need to fit over it to slide onto your wrist.  To do so you will need a soft tape measure then, with your palm facing upwards, bring your thumb over to your little finger then wrap the tape measure round the knuckles at the base of your fingers at their widest part and pull the tape to its tightest. You will then have the size needed for your bangle to fit correctly.