Margot Hartley

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In 1986 Margot Hartley started her own business making jewellery from brass and silver. In the same year Pebbles began to buy her work.  A year later she exhibited at Liberty's in London and in 1989 had a solo exhibition at the Cecilia Coleman Gallery and a shared exhibition with John Lennon's 'Work on Paper' at the Mid Cornwall Galleries. In 1990 'Release', a solo exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, saw the launch of an expanded collection of brass, copper and silver jewellery.  In 1991 Margot was accepted to exhibit at Hatfield Craft Fair, and from then has concentrated on creating new exciting work for her extensive customer base. Throughout the nineties she exhibited at prodigious events such as Art In Action and other venues throughout the country. She has also taken work to America, Spain and France and has enjoyed success with new opportunities   In the year 2000 the Eden Project awarded Margot a research and development grant to create plant sculptures. She is greatly inspired by architecture, flora and fauna, and by the Cornish landscape where she has always lived.  Margot's use of heat treatment and the combination of the metals produces a stunning patina of reds, golds and greens - this process has become a signature for her jewellery.  Through all these years Pebbles has continued to show Margot's inimitable jewellery.



Picture of MH2157
Silver stud earrings

£45.00 (GBP)


Picture of MH2058
Mixed metal brooch

£60.00 (GBP)


Picture of MH2082
Mixed metal necklace

£230.00 (GBP)


Picture of MH2025
Brass and copper studs

£35.00 (GBP)


Picture of MH2201
Copper bangle

£60.00 (GBP)


Picture of MH1056
Mixed metal necklace

£140.00 (GBP)


Picture of MH2175
Copper bangle

£40.00 (GBP)


Picture of MH2145
Mixed metal brooch

£60.00 (GBP)


Picture of MH2144
Mixed metal studs

£51.00 (GBP)


Picture of MH1124
Mixed metal necklace

£127.00 (GBP)

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