Caroline King

Caroline King was born in Penzance early in the 1960’s. After leaving school she took a... Show more

Caroline King was born in Penzance early in the 1960’s. After leaving school she took a painting course at the School of Art in Penzance. She chose to work in fabric art in all its aspects including weaving, tapestry, quilting and appliqué, at the Barbican in Penzance.  She later trained as a sign-writer and went on to work in Botswana, South Africa where she undertook the sign-writing for some important public buildings, including Seretse Kharma Airport.

In 1988 Caroline returned to the UK and for the next eight years she worked in catering in London and Cornwall. In 1997 she started her training in gold and silversmithing at the Art Education Centre in Penzance and began making jewellery. Some years later Caroline moved to Ireland and is now settled with her husband and daughter in Connemara

Teudhi rings: Teudhi means to melt in Cornish. It aptly describes the appearance of the Tiara rings that Caroline makes with precious metals melting and blending together resulting in an unstudied freshness redolent of more primitive times.  Rings may be ordered to size but will never be quite the same as another as the teudhi process renders each ring unique.

Bog rings: Bog rings are Caroline’s response to the wild and boggy landscape of Connemara.  As with her Tiara rings she uses the teudhi, or melting, process to produce sinuous organic shapes studded with gold and stones.  Rings may be commissioned to other sizes but will never be exactly as the examples shown here on the website as each ring is a unique piece.

Unfortunately Caroline is no longer able to make jewellery but rings shown here may now be made by David O'Brien, a Dublin jeweller with whom she worked closely, see example OBCAR547.



Silver Ring



Pink Labradorite Ring



Silver Ring



Silver Ring



Silver Ring



Opal ring



Silver Ring



Silver Carnelian Ring



Fine Silver Bangle



Fine Silver Bangle



Diamond Tiara Ring