Oliver Vowles-Burrows

Oliver Vowles-Burrows studied at Falmouth School of Art. He then trained in a jeweller... Show more

Oliver Vowles-Burrows studied at Falmouth School of Art.  He then trained in a jewellery design workshop after which he joined his mother Pamela in the business, specialising in the skilled task of setting the stones and taking an active role in the design work.
Inspiration for Pamela's work came from the dramatic scenery along the North Devon coast near her home in Bude, her designs free and irregular, often featuring one or more semi precious stones, and waves or slabs of gold that reflect the rugged cliffs and rock formations. Oliver's own exquisite work shows a rather more solid, sculptural aspect, in many pieces combined with Pam's more sinous lines.  Pam has now retired but Oliver continues to make her fluid organic designs as well as his own, maintaining Pam's interest in unusual gemstones and unique designs.  Oliver and his family have recently moved to Co Cork in Ireland.



Gold Ring with Star Ruby



White Gold Ring



Gold Ring



Gold Sculpture Ring